Marina of Cecina

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  • Location
    Cecina (LI), Italy

  • Sector
    Maritime engineering

  • Status
    under costruction

  • Budget
    € 100.551.000

  • Client
    Porto di Cecina S.p.A.

  • Date
    2004 - in corso

  • Services
    Accounting Services  /  Safety coordination  /  Works Supervision  /  Preliminary Design  /  Final Design  /  Construction Design  /  Urban development project  /  Environmental Impact Assesments  / 

Characteristics and aims of the project

The urban policy outreach of the project is aimed at providing the city of Cecina with a multifunctional touristic and recreational complex. The plan includes the construction of a pedestrian walkway stretching along the port perimeter on both sides, connecting all main recreational areas, such as:

- sailing sports centre
- canoeing centre
- seaside resort and beach volley area
- wellness centre, gym and swimming pool connected to the resort.

Moreover in order to keep the port area lively all year round, the complex will function as a shopping centre for specialised equipment, sportswear,  sailing and sports gear, foodstuff and basic necessities:

- centre for entrepreneurial, promotional and cultural activities
- centre for fishing
- city district with a maritime atmosphere

Work description

The main goal of the project was to build the port infrastructure with specific characteristics that would allow for a strict separation of the dock basin from the river Cecina stream and its specific problems. According to this working frame several important goals were achieved:
The separation of the port basin from the river flow allowing for an improved navigability of the basin itself, for better mooring conditions and in order to avoid the formation of a mouth bar on the channel;
Independence of the marina’s water level from river high or low water level;
Sheltering of the port basin from river sanding-up;
-To locate the port mouth on suitable sea floor and away from breaking sea.
-To provide wider turning areas making navigation safer and adjusting the port’s services to the specific demands of Cittadella della Nautica’s industry.

Main Features:

Water surface: 140.000 m²

Berths: 785 (from II to XII class)

Seabed: -3.50m to -6.50m

Quay structure: Sheet pile, Caissons