About us

Maritime, civil and environmental engineering

Interprogetti s.r.l. was founded in 1985 in Rome. It provides engineering services in the maritime field and throughout the national territory, such as: consultancy, preliminary, final and construction design, safety coordination, site supervision, accounting and technical testing.

Multidisciplinary skills combined with an articulated organization of each professional activity is essential for management of complex projects. Interprogetti avails itself of highly specialized professionals each dealing with specific technical problems.

Our company team consist of the following professionals:

  •  D.Eng. Marco Pittori: CEO and General Director
  •  Gemma Monass: CEO and Balance Sheet Director
  •  D.Eng. Plinio Monti: Technical and Quality Manager
  •  D.Eng. Silvia Potena: Operation Coordinator and Environmental Supervisor
  •  arch. Raffaele Vaccarello: Architectural BIM Specialist
  •  arch. Simone Perticarini: Architectural BIM Specialist
  •  arch. Francesca Romana Monass: Architectural Designer and Supervisor of urban development plans and architectural   works
  •  D.Eeng. Giulia Zanza: Designer and Supervisor of works - Tendering procedures Manager
  •  D.Eng. Federico Ratini: Designer and Supervisor of works - Reinforced concrete structures
  •  D.Eng. Lorenzo Spaziani: Designer and Supervisor of works - Maritime works
  •  Lawyer Paolo Pittori: General Counsel
  •  Loredana Carusi: Secretary