S.Severa's beach replenishment

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  • Location
    Santa Severa (RM),IT

  • Sector
    Coastal engineering

  • Status

  • Budget
    306,000 €

  • Client
    Comune di Santa Marinella

  • Date

  • Services
    Works Supervision  /  Construction Design  /  Safety coordination  /  Accounting Services  / 

 Having the purpose of restoring the central beach of Santa Severa, that has been object of an important erosive phenomenon, a coastal resurgence project was developed in accordance with D.M 173/2016 (italian environmental law) for about 12 000 m3. The beach extends from the Castle of St. Severa in the south until the emerged longitudinal cliffs of coastal protection in the north, along a coastal stride of about 1.2 Km. 

Beforehand it was conducted the bathymetric survey of the seabed and  a topographic one of the beach, that include also the examination of the presence of any benthic biocenosis.

 The sediment’s characterization according to DM 173/2016 (italian low),  returned a high sediment class A and B for dredging areas and B for the beach. Based on the results of the characterization it has been chosen to optimize the areas of dredging, focusing only on the class “A”’s area.
The execution of the intervention took place by a suction dredger, therefore the dredging operation and the refill operation were contextual and contemporary.Lastly, the sand was distributed, through land vehicles,until the project profiles were obtained.